Botafocs. Ball de Dimonis
de Castelló de la Plana

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The musicians of Botafocs are a part of the group, and true, the demons with more rhythm of the group. We have different basic rhythms, which we combine depending on the activity: correfoc, fire workshop, bestiary, etc. On the one hand there is a group that has percussion as basic elements (boxes, drums, drums, left-handed, etc.), and on the other there is another group that plays the dulzaina (which are also members of the group Gínjol de Castelló)

The composition of the Botafocs musicians, depending on personal availability, is very variable. Sometimes we have percussion and dolçaina, others only percussion ... Depending on that availability we organize ourselves ...

We must say that our entity has an open character, that is ... any person can participate in our activities, and of course ... in the interpretation of the basic rhythms of the dance of demons of Castelló. You just have to participate in the trials planned to get out as a demon ... with a hellish rhythm !!!!. We are the only entity of dance of demons of the Valencian Country that has a group of percussion own of the group.

Several years ago we published the CD "Foc D'Encenalls", where you can find the percussion accompaniment songs of the Botafocs parades and correfocs.We must also say that the group of "dolçaina" and "tabal" Gínjol de Castelló and the group of "dolçaineros" and "tamborileros" of Vila-real participated with their demon-possessed rhythms, in order to collect the two musical aspects of our group. You can still find some CDs in Botafocs ascociation.

The bestiary figures of the entity (the Dragons and the Vibria) as well as the Haca Traca Almalafa, have original compositions of "dolçaina" and "tabal" for their dances, composed by Paco Magnieto (of the DIT Group) and Paloma Mora (the dolçaineros of Vila-real).

The dances of demons with fire can be done properly with our rhythms and touches ... can you imagine a dance without music? Well, so. You are invited to participate ... you have the word and the music.

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